Mowaamah Certification

What is Mowaamah?

Mowaamah is a project owned by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Saudi Arabia, which adopts the best standards and practices in creating work environments suitable for people with disabilities. Mowaamah's certificate is optional for those who wish to develop their work environments to be comprehensive and more supportive of people with disabilities. Although the certificate is optional, it guarantees, however, significant incentives for those who wish to obtain it.

Mowaamah 2030 vision

"It will enable the People with Disabilities (PwDs) inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to have ​equal job opportunities with suitable work environments and an education that ensures their integrati​on as active members of society, and it will provide them with all the necessary tools that will lift them to achieve success and independence."​

Mowaamah is part of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development's programs, launched in the implementation of the Kingdom's Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. To provide a suitable working environment for persons with disabilities, according to specific criteria and requirements, enabling the enterprise to obtain the necessary license to employ them.

Why Mowaamah?

Mowamaah program was designed to promote increased employment of persons with disabilities in the Saudi labor market, in addition to encouraging mega and large enterprises to obtain the certificate according to the ministerial resolution, and linking their employment of persons with disabilities to Nitaqat

Mowaamah Incentives

Certification There are three main incentives for Mowaamah certificate holder:

1) Benefit from 4:1 incentive implemented in Nitaqat associated with employing PwDs for an entity.

2) Honoring the participating entities by the Ministry of Labo and Social Development for CSR.

​3) The usage of Mowaamah's logo by the certified entities on their products.

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