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Based on the vision of the Kingdom 2030 in supporting people with disabilities, Amanah Jeddah launches, in cooperation with Qaderoon Network a community development event that aims to make Jeddah a place and a community prepared for people with disabilities through a competition to obtain a locally accredited award. "Jeddah is friendly to people with disabilities" #jeddah_capable


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A cooperation agreement was signed with Jeddah Municipality by His Excellency the Mayor of Jeddah, Mr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Turki, with Qaderoon Network, represented by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Amr Muhammad Khashoggi with the aim of making Jeddah Qaderoon friendly society for persons with disability through a competition to get a locally accredited award.




About the initiative and its goals

Implementation of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in enabling persons with disabilities to obtain suitable job opportunities to ensure their independence and integrate them in the society.

Supporting persons with disabilities by rehabilitating places designated for them in professional and societal levels.


Enabling persons with disabilities to participate in community life and the importance of their social inclusion.


Encouraging companies to include persons with disabilities as an important consumer segment, and its reflection on society.


Supporting all sectors in applying the standards of universal access to facilities.

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"As we provide our disabled citizens with all the facilities and tools necessary to help them succeed, we will help them find employment opportunities and obtain education that ensure their independence and integration into society."​



The idea of the award:


The idea is in common between Jeddah Municipality and Qaderoon Network that aims to encourage and support establishments to implement universal access standards to serve people with disabilities.


The award evaluation:


A concerned committee  evaluates the participants in the comprehensive access competition for people with disabilities in  Jeddah, which is based on criteria which participants gain points. #Jeddah_Able. Nomination will honor the winners of the Best Environment Award for Persons with Disabilities.



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