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February 2019

Qaderoon Business Disability Network offered a workshop to SABB Bank titled “Supportive Work Environment for Persons with Disabilities”

Qaderoon Business Disability Network offered a workshop titled "Supportive work environment for persons with disabilities"
The workshop took place on Sunday, 26/02/2019, at SABB Bank in Riyadh. The targeted group were officials of various departments’ specifically human resources, recruitment, training and information communication facilities.
The one-day workshop provided a model through which they can ensure a supportive and inclusive work environment for persons with different disabilities, physical and other disabilities. The workshop also provided a paper model and map to the company to help create a supportive work environment for the persons with disability by revealing the extent of the influence of the disability on every aspect of the work, through eight main areas for action.
The objectives of the workshop were the following: to learn the basic concepts of disability • arrangements/service facilitation• identify the work environment of support and its characteristics • understand and apply the eight supporting standards of work environment • understand and apply phase self-assessment and auditing.
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